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DAI provides document restoration for the records and reminders of legal victories, important medical information, the result of hours of hard work, irreplaceable collectors items and invaluable pieces of history.

Our experts are trained to restore medical, legal, library, museum, and photographic originals. Confidential documents, such as consent forms, require exceptional care.

DAI respects the importance of the documents you’ve maintained, value and need. Damaged documents require immediate action and careful attention. A quick response is vital to rescue your critical records and belongings from the unexpected.

Call DAI’s professionals 24 hours per day, every day, at 401-828-0050 to set a specialized restoration team into motion on your behalf. We’ll provide a no-obligation estimate and timeline for the work, and wait on your approval to begin.

Our restoration process starts with stabilizing damaged documents and planning the best course of action to save your items. We’ll inventory, photograph, and prioritize the damaged records, identifying the documents needed to restore normal business activity.

Document Damage Mitigation

Documents are vulnerable to a number of additional threats after damage by water, mold or fire. These additional threats include suppression systems, flooding, plumbing lines, smoke and soot.

You may feel it necessary to attempt drying or cleaning documents on your own. In fact, unless you’re properly trained, you risk further damage to the documents and may spread the damage to unaffected items.

Specialized Document Restoration Services

Freezing: This prevents additional damage and provides time to find the best treatment for the documents.

Freeze-drying: The process arrests water damage by solidifying and removing water before damage spreads and becomes permanent. Most documents professionally freeze-dried within 24 hours of the incident can be restored.

Manual cleaning: Manual cleaning requires a careful balance of rigorous and gentle scrubbing. The action must remove the soot or soil, but avoid damage to the material.

Reproduction: Experts will recreate the look and feel of the original as the words and print of a document are transferred to a copy.

Copying: Large numbers of letter or legal-sized documents can be duplicated, as can unusually sized documents that would not fit most office printers.

Re-jacketing: An appealing and renewed book jacket can help a significant book or document stand out during important research. Re-jacketing properly conveys the value of the document.

Boxing: Packing important records for storage needs to be done, but your time is better spent on keeping your business running. Let DAI handle putting important documents in order.

Storing: Safe, proper storage can prevent damage from slowly overtaking your important documents before you notice. DAI has the training to put your documents out of harm’s way.

Labeling: Well-preserved and pristine documents are not very useful if you can’t put your hands on them quickly when needed. DAI can organize your documents so when you need it, you’ll have it.

Document Restoration Steps

Evaluation: DAI will perform a thorough evaluation of documents to establish proper methods and steps necessary to properly restore them. A full and accurate inventory is taken, and clients may arrange on-site restoration to preserve privacy and security.

Stabilization: Documents are immediately stabilized when they arrive at our facility while experts prepare to restore the items.

Stabilization limits additional damage as the exacting restoration process continues. DAI has in-house and mobile freezers capable of stabilizing documents affected by water, humidity, moisture and mold.

Restoration: Methods of restoration vary depending on what type of item is being restored.

Books, newspapers, photographs and legal files may each require separate procedures depending on the material and type of damage.  DAI’s experts are available 24 hours per day, every day at 401-828-0050, ready to help when seconds count in saving your important records.