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Fire Damage Restoration
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Fire Damage Restoration

There were an average of 358,300 homes with fire damage per year in the US between 2010 and 2014, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire damage restoration is the assessment of damage from fire and firefighting, followed by the careful remediation of that damage to property and belongings.

Fire causes direct structural and heat damage as well as secondary damage from smoke and soot. Water used to combat fire can cause immediate moisture damage as well as long-term structural damage and respiratory ailments from mold.

Fire damage restoration should begin as soon as police and fire officials say it’s safe to enter the building again. The longer an owner delays calling a restoration professional, the more time damage from water and smoke has to intensify.

What you can do yourself

  • Make the call. You’ll need professional assistance, so get us by your side as soon as possible by contacting the professionals at DAI at (401) 828-0050.
  • Open all the windows. You’ll need to ventilate the smoke from the building.
  • Move pets and kids out. Smoke is carcinogenic and will cause respiratory ailments. Temporary housing or a brief stay, with neighbors you trust, friends, or family will have to do until restoration is finished.
  • Empty out your refrigerator and freezer if power’s out. Once emptied, prop the appliances open to prevent odors from building up.
  • Inventory your belongings. Make a list of everything you have to replace, and take pictures of the damage. You’ll need copies for the insurance company, for your records and for fire investigators. Prepare five copies to hand out.

What you should leave to the professionals

  • Don’t wipe down the walls, wood trim, furniture or any other absorbent surface.
  • Don’t sit on or move upholstered furniture.
  • Don’t eat any food in the house, especially canned items that were exposed to extreme heat during the fire.
  • Don’t turn on systems such as the furnace or air conditioner
  • Stay away from electric devices, including appliances, computers, and TVs until fire restoration professionals clear them as safe.

Restoration is an integral part of the rebuilding process. Keep our phone number, (401) 828-0050, with your emergency contact information, and call to start restoring your home after a fire, or schedule a fire restoration appointment with DAI online.