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After Fire & Water Damage Occurs

Expert Repairs for Fire and Water Damage

When a business or home is flooded or a pipe bursts, entire floors of a building can be destroyed and become uninhabitable until cleaned out.

Such cleaning should be left to professionals, especially if there is contaminated fluid or a lot of ash residue present. DAI’s experts have the equipment and training needed allow people to work or live in the building without adverse health effects.

Fire damage restoration

Fire can spread ash (the powdery residue of something burnt) and soot (the residue of smoke) through a home or building, neither of which can be left long without causing additional damage.

Porous materials will be permanently stained by soot, but smooth surfaces can be cleaned. Acidic soot will eventually stain even smooth surfaces. Smoke odor also lingers in fabrics and other porous materials.  It can penetrate walls and seems to never fade.

Ash is easily drawn into climate control systems and ductwork, and can form a nearly lacquer-like coating on surfaces.

DAI technicians are equipped with specialized detergents and cleaning equipment to break up the accumulated muck so it can be wiped away, and to neutralize smoke odors. They’re also experienced in working through a building to find and clean every affected area.

Water damage restoration (Floods, sewer and plumbing disasters)

Flooding, sewer backflows and plumbing failures require equipment only fire and water restoration companies like DAI has access to.

When there are several inches of water in a building, industrial pumps, which need to be mounted in a truck, are required. Once the water is pumped out, DAI’s professionals will then assess what can be saved and what can’t.

From there, DAI professionals will use heavy-duty fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the area over the course of several days. If there is any mold or other microbial growth, fire and water damage restoration professionals can address the situation with fungicides and other professional cleaning options.

DAI’s certified fire and water damage restoration professionals are the people to call when fire, flood or plumbing disasters occur. They can quickly assess the situation, devise a plan to address it, and restore a building so people can safely return to work and to their lives.

DAI’s experts are available 24 hours per day, every day at 401-828-0050, so you can get our IICRC certified team working on your fire and water damage restoration job whenever the unexpected threatens your property.