Water Damage Qualifications

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Top 10 Things to know about DAI’s water damage mitigation service:

  1. DAI professionals are certified by the non-profit Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC), which sets standards for water damage restoration in more than 25 countries.
  2. Addressing water damage quickly, within the first 48 hours, is crucial to preventing further damage.  
  3. DAI has heavy-duty, truck-mounted pumps that can quickly move water out of your building so an assessment of water damage, efforts to limit it, and the salvage of belongings and property can begin.
  4. Depending on the extent of water damage, carpets and flooring may not be salvageable. If the damage is in a small area and the water is not contaminated, DAI will set up dehumidifiers and air movers around the affected area, and pull moisture away at a rapid rate, quickly drying the area.
  5. DAI has moisture meters to ensure the drying is complete.
  6. DAI uses professional grade dehumidifiers and air movers that can rapidly remove moisture from an area.
  7. DAI uses moisture meters to determine how much drying equipment each situation requires.
  8. DAI will provide thorough documentation of their water damage restoration efforts, including an itemized list of the equipment used, work performed and photos of the finished job.
  9. Floodwaters bring a variety of threats, including wildlife, pathogens, debris, and chemical runoff. Many of these dangers are not readily apparent, so it’s best to call in professional help right away.
  10. Time is not on your side. Within 48 hours, even clean water will yellow drywall and warp wood.

Insurance Policy Points

  1. Only your insurance policy provider can tell you if your loss is covered.
  2. Deductibles will need to be paid directly to your contractor before cleanup can begin.
  3. Usually, both you and your home mortgage lender’s signatures are required to release repair funds. Contact your lender to coordinate the release of repair funding.
  4. Your policy may cover living expenses while restoration work is done inside your home. Ask your claims representative about this coverage if you need temporary housing.